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Mother Theresa Driving Academy

Mother Theresa Driving Academy offers a wide range of driver education services. The goal of the company is to be a one-stop facility for all driver education needs, including applying for learners permits, acquiring education materials, driving test preparation and refresher courses. Positioned as an affordable and cost-competitive school.

Our Story

Mother Theresa Driving Academy was founded by Ms. Leneka Rhoden, former head of the Student Council at The Queen’s School, who wanted to institute a driving programme during her tenure. Her efforts, though unsuccessful at the time, was channeled into starting the #HerDRIVE movement which sought to provide support to women who wanted to learn to drive and increase their independence. The initiative gained a lot of traction of social media and led to the formulation of the MTDA. The company was named after Ms. Theresa Walters, who is the mother of Ms. Leneka Rhoden; hence the name Mother Theresa Driving Academy. The issue exists where young women and men are only provided with lessons from other companies but they remain clueless as to what to do next and how to go about applying to sit the test. MTDA realized the lack of guidance offered by industry leaders and sought to add value in the field by offering more to clients and even staff. Companies were also not incorporating the use of technology to even communicate with students and offer support- MTDA revolutionized the way Driving Schools support students by even providing Online Consultation and Road Code Classes to help students prepare for their written exam at the depo. During the past two years, MDTA has shown steady growth, and built a number of crucial relationships with students. The industry is subject to very high capital costs due to gas, training equipment, and vehicle acquisition/repair. The key to being an affordable choice in this field is through special relationships with suppliers and buyers. The company has trained over 7 instructors and 200 students with a customer satisfaction rate of 91%.


Mother Theresa Driving Academy is recognized as one of the most affordable driving schools in Jamaica. Due to the demand island-wide, the Academy has plans to expand operations to all 14 parishes.
The school was initially formulated in June 2018 with the purpose of providing a safe and professional learning environment for women through an initiative called #HerDRIVE which gained a lot of traction on social media and garnered the support of working-class women as they yearn their transport independence. The company was then structured into an academy and expanded services to cater to both males and females. As caring and supporting as a mother, MT Driving not only offers driving lessons to students, but educational materials inclusive of a question and answer booklet, mock exams, driving advice and guidance until a valid driver's license is obtained. The school is different in its approach as it provides support in many other ways and through different channels such as MT Job Alerts, MT Scholarship Alerts, Car Selection and Guide, MT News initiative, and even through our YouTube channel where we offer information and guidance to applying for a learners and the driving exam. No other driving school provides the overwhelming support that we do to our clients. More established driving schools are found to be too expensive and the quality offered by most has deteriorated over time.


To ensure that MTDA remains the most affordable and best quality, the opportunity rests in creating synergy with independently contracted instructors which are trained and supported by our Driving Instructor Manual, and to continue to connect with clients through our various support channels. This has been MTDA's driving strategy and winning business model since the company began. Its steady growth in a mature market has proven the company's resilient and adoptive nature and management. 

Mission Statement

Mother Theresa Driving Academy is a revolutionary driving school that uses experience and innovation to educate students with a mission to improve the quality of drivers in Jamaica and beyond by providing high quality and comprehensive driver education packages inclusive of organized curriculum
and professional instruction at the lowest cost. MTDA is positioned to improve student learning comfort by ensuring that our approach is graced with patience and care facilitating a learning-friendly environment that meets the needs of each student’s learning style. It is the goal of MTDA to produce competent and
confident drivers, and build a reputation of good will. 

Vision Statement

To be a Trusted Driving Academy with a brand propelled by Quality and Good Will.

Our Values

• Community
We are committed to supporting the personal and professional development of members of our internal and external communities.

• Teamwork
We listen to our clients and colleagues and strive to meet their needs and expectations while treating them with respect.

We are committed to earning the trust of our clients and colleagues by being honest, impartial and dedicated.

• Expertise
We apply our skills and professional approach to training our staff, instructors and students.


We are HAPPY to Serve You!




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