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You can apply for your learner's permit and subsequently your driver's license once you turn 17 years old. Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for getting your driver's license.

A learner's permit is required in order for a novice to lawfully drive on public roads. The Learner's Permit allows an unlicensed person to drive a car on a public road while being closely supervised by a licensed driver.

Learners Application Programme

Students are welcome to register for our Driving Programme and if they don't have a learners, they will go through a Learners Application Programme. This programme allows us to provide support to learners who need to apply for a provisional license (learners). The programme allows the learner to achieve their goal of learning to drive while preparing for their road code exam in order to obtain their learners.

The programme provides assistance to the student to prepare for the road code exam through the provision of access to Road Code Materials and 1 Free Road Code Class (Online). The programme guarantees success as experts assist the student to prepare for the road code exam, ensuring that they pass the exam and is provided with a provisional license which is needed to take the driving exam to obtain a driver's licence.

Sign Up for our Learners Application Programme

Thank you for applying! We will contact you.

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Register for our Learners Application Programme.


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