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Updated: Jun 18, 2020


Have you ever seen someone driving and you wondered how they even got a driver's license? Haven't we all? A driver's license is one of the biggest status symbols among mainly teenagers and young adults. Most teens count the hours and days until they can do driving lessons to get their permit.

In modern day society, driving a car is seen as a symbol of independence and competence. It represents freedom, control and access to activities such as leisure, shopping and travelling for trips or work. Independence is defined as not having to depend on anyone or thing for support. For adolescents, independence is significant and therefore getting a driver's license is a "rite of passage". For senior citizens, not driving may be seen as a "loss of independence" so they often try to hold on to their license. On the other side, many persons choose to take public transportation using buses, taxis and more while still feeling self actualized. In essence, the journey to driving can be both rewarding or complicated. 


The population of drivers is prone to accidents due to chronic illnesses, lack of experience, defective car parts, disabilities and unplanned events. Unpredictable events such as seizures can occur at anytime while driving which may lead to death. Young drivers tend to over estimate their skills, use seat belts less and get distracted easily which may lead to car accidents. Some of these risks can be reduced by : • Not driving if it isn't necessary • Purchasing or leasing vehicles with many safety features •Attending driving lessons which keep you up to date with all driving rules and regulations.

Individuals at higher risk include:

  • Persons below the age of 16 or inexperienced

  • Persons with vision loss, hearing loss or other impairments

  • The eldery  

  • Persons without proper road training and knowledge on safety regulations


With the right training and guidance, driving independently can be very rewarding. Driving is a great way to relieve stress, visit and travel to various places and learn the ways of the road. Young drivers get the chance to become more acquainted with vehicles and the road which enables them to be more responsible. Adults get to reflect and relax. Older drivers get to cherish the time they have left by exploring various places and different sceneries.

Other benefits include:

  • Self actualization

  • Limit on public transportation

  • Less dependency on others to carry you to places

  • Mobility


When an individual passes the official driving test, they receive their driver's license and can legally drive independently. Experience is an important factor before this individual begins to drive independently. Inexperienced drivers often only pay attention to driving correctly and forget to anticipate the actions and mistakes or errors of other drivers. Hence, proper training and driving lessons are essential. Some of the benefits of driving lessons/schooling include:

• Supervised behind the wheel driving experience which allows one to develop the required habits and skills safe for driving

• An increase in confidence level due to the access to a professional driving instructor

• Driving school allows one to be properly educated on essential techniques which may aid in minimizing the risk of accidents.

• You may end up saving money in the long run as driving lessons are often cheaper than having a driving accident.

Proven statistics and facts about independent driving are:

  • Adult and experienced drivers are less likely to receive traffic citations for failing to yield, running stop lights and making improper turns.

  •  In Jamaica, failure to produce a permit or driver's license for examination by the constable is a fine of $10000

  • Approximately 5.3 million Americans have Alzheimer’s diseases and this impacts their driving skills

  • In Jamaica, driving is done only on the left side of the road

  • The approximation of total drivers around the world is 7.3 billion 

  • The average learner needs at least 20 hours of practice and driving lessons before driving independently

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